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Visit our Success pages and see all of the happy endings we have had. Add your own successes to this page. Send to Kate (click on logo)

"Mass production, with dirty conditions." "Assembly line production of puppies, that aren't treated well." Read Robin Presnall's account of a very bad situation. (click on logo above)

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Welcome to Hero's Waggin Train website!

The purpose of this website, and the information contained in it, is to promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment... and to promote education, on all levels.

"What's available here?", you ask...

Well.... lots of stuff... and we have plans for more!  By clicking on any graphic or link on this page, you can learn about all facets of rescue.  Read Hero's Story... this site, and the system of transportation and rescue people that this site represents, is a living memorial to him. Also read the Poems & Stories!

Rescue Links can connect you with people in your area... whether you're looking to adopt, or to help out!

Your Dog's Health is a collection of articles that is geared toward making being a responsible owner just a little easier.

Buying Pet Supplies... this article explains why buying supplies at pet stores may perpetuate the problem of pet shop pets.

Just in time for the Christmas Season... Please read "Merry Christmas from Ye Olde Puppy Shoppe!!!", by Shannon McClure... Shannon is famous in rescue circles, both for her work in rescue, and for her tremendous ability to write about that work!!

The Special Needs Dogs page is set aside to help generate funding for dogs that require surgeries and treatments that are financially draining... these dogs may not otherwise have a chance at being adopted, as no one wants to adopt a dog that may require a large cash outlay right off the bat.

Learn how to modify behavior using positive reinforcement only.... Knowledge is Power!

The $650 Puppy vs. the $300 Puppy -- Read this article, written by a  responsible breeder, to learn the difference!

Our monthly Featured Breeds includes a special rating guide... you can learn about each individual breed's personality, energy level, and why each 'might' or 'might not' make the perfect companion in YOUR home.  Several new breeds will be featured each month and the articles are written by those who rescue that particular breed -- the people who really know them -- and will tell you the truth as to their suitability in different life styles.

Join Hero's Waggin Train, and become one of the nation's fastest growing 'family' groups that rescues, fosters and transports animals from danger into safety.

NEW The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses - MUST READ

NEW Open Letter to the Average Owner - MUST READ

Do you have a site about animals, rescue, puppy mills, proper breeding?

Your site may qualify for the HWT Hero's Award. Click on the logo at right, and see how to do this.

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Many people work in animal advocacy and rescue. We wish they didn't have to. We wish the need for them wasn't so urgent. Our goal is to provide information to everyone that will ultimately lower the numbers of the animals needing help and assistance, thereby lessening the burden on ALL of us.

If you have information you think you'd like to share or a question to ask, please contact Victoria. We encourage YOU to become involved ...the give and take of information is very important and helps us all to learn...who knows...it might even save a life!

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