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End Animal Suffering: Stop Puppy Mills

What are Puppy Mills?

A puppy mill is regarded as a dog-breeding facility with the nature and purpose of which is primarily commercial; to breed a large number of puppies for higher profit rates and without taking into genuine consideration their health issues and care.

Most puppy Mills are undoubtedly a profitable business but it’s considered ethically incorrect and inhumane. The reason for this being the treatment under which the puppies are kept, bred and raised in these facilities.

Why Are The Puppy Mills Inhumane?

There are multiple reasons why Puppy Mills are considered inhumane. These are listed as follows:

  • In Puppy Mills, female dogs are bred at every possible opportunity with little or no recovery time in between. And after years, when they get physically depleted and can no longer serve this purpose, they are often killed.
  • Puppy Mills are more like jails to the dogs. In most of them, dogs are kept in heavy cramped metal cages and are barely let out to play. This deprives them of the freedom and exercise they deserve which is synonymous to snatching away their very basic rights.
  • The food and water quality in the Puppy Mills is not satisfactory. These are often contaminated and have bugs crawling in them. The dogs can even die of malnourishment in severe cases.
  • Puppy Mills do not make the health of their dogs a priority. If visited, a Puppy Mill displays a site of dogs with swollen limbs hanging out of cages, infected ears, and decaying teeth! This is totally inhumane to keep a living thing in conditions this pathetic which may even in certain cases drive them towards fatal diseases and ultimately death.
  • The Puppy Mills normally don’t have any veterinary care center or protection for pets in unfavorable climate. Therefore, animals have to suffer through everything and anything of that sort that comes their way!
  • With no or very limited cleanliness rules, puppy mills have no cleanup control for its maintenance. This way, the dogs normally live in urine and feces for a time period which is indefinite!
  • The brutality is sometimes taken to levels, so advance, that you often come across dogs, with collars literally embedded in dog’s neck and must be cut out using sharp tools!

Keeping in consideration, the reasons mentioned above, we should boycott the Puppy Mills for the way they treat and raise dogs. A dog should be identified as to where was it raised, and those raised in a Puppy Mill should not be purchased as pets. This will bring the Puppy Mill business owners to reconsider the way they breed and care for the dogs.